Sheldon Aubut's 2002 Moto Guzzi Stone "Metal" Sidecar Rig

07/22/06  -  Sold!

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These photos were taken after Gilby from "Gilby's Street Dept." did his magic on it.  He took the light off the top of the fender, repainted the sidecar frame, moved the rear/top mount so that he could finally install the inside saddlebag.  There was a rubber bumper all the way around the sidecar that covered a ridged seam where the top and bottom halves were joined together.  Gilby ground that seam off, welded it and filled and made a great body accent line there.  He also mounted my 135db air-horn, painted the sidecar in deep, luxurious black and put a red stripe on the car to match the one on the bike.  The car was originally a very, very dark green that masqueraded as black and was sun-faded on the top.  The red stripe I had added by a pin-striper a year ago and he did the whole thing with a small brush and it looked terrible, like someone had painted it with a house paint brush.  Because Gilby had removed the ugly plastic directional light from the top of the fender he also mounted motorcycle-style directional lights on the sidecar.  I love the results.

Then, to tie it all together I called the local marina and asked who did custom boat covers in the area and they gave me the number of a Mark Brown and said he did great work.  Called him and he came to my house, gave me a quote and after Gilby did his thing Mark came back with the material, installed the snaps, went home and sewed the tonneau cover, came back and installed it.  It is made out of the highest grade of boat cover canvas with vinyl on the back, and in red and he put on black snaps and the whole thing is now one incredible rig.

Photos taken September 29, 2004

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This is the whole package

135db, should wake up the cell phone talking SUV drivers


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