2002 Moto Guzzi Stone Metal Sidecar Rig

07/22/06  -  Sold!

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80th anniversary model with chrome gas tank,
1064cc, supposedly 74hp
Moto Guzzi (National) California Touring Windshield,
Moto Guzzi (National) hard bags,
new maintenance free battery (200 miles)
Custom Chrome fishtail exhaust, but comes with the original pipes (never used, and wrapped since new),
Custom powder coated frame parts and valve covers,
Sigma Sport bicycle computer,
Dauntless custom subframe and brackets,
Russian Sputnik sidecar frame from Dauntless
All metal Chinese "Flying Tiger" sidecar from Dauntless which has been highly customized and painted by Gilby of "Gilby's Street Dept, a well-known Harley customizer.
Sidecar has Rich Maund seat,
Custom tonneau,
Brooklands screen,
Monroe 125# max air-shock on sidecar,
Air Horns,
New tires, 200 miles on rear, 500 on sidecar and front,
All dealer maintained by Caswell Cycle in Mora Minnesota,
20,200 miles, (barely broken in, eh?), very good condition,

I've got about $22,000 invested.

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Chinese sidecar is all metal "Flying Tiger" police sidecar.

I like to tell people that the tube under the sidecar is for the "sewer system", or a "TOW Missile", but the truth is that I carry a beach umbrella that I put over the rig at rallies.  Alternatively it could carry a fishing pole, or...???

Sidecar seat and armrests are custom units by Rich Maund of Rich's Cycle Upholstery.  Rich specializes in upholstery products for Russian sidecar rigs and Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

Brooklands windscreen looks good but not a whole lot of protection.  I've bought a second one and planned on having a larger piece of glass/plexi to put in the frame so I could just switch them using the two wing nuts.

There is a monroe 125 pound air-shock on the sidecar.  When I know I will be hauling a load I just pump in the appropriate amount of air.  Plan was to next mount a Gold Wing shock pump on the bike.

Electric lean would be nice but with the air-shock you can balance the rig by adding or removing air.

Sidecar is a highly customized Chinese "Flying Tiger" police sidecar from Mainland China.

Custom tonneau cover.  Heavy duty boat cover canvas with snaps and water barrier.

Spare tire is off a Russian Dnepr and could use some clean-up, new spokes and such.

Spare tire is from an old Russian Dnepr and could stand to have the spokes tightened and everything polished.  Usual pretty rough Russian workmanship.

This is the whole package

I'm not the best at cleaning and polishing as I'd much rather be riding, so it is not going to be perfect and you will probably be able to spot small nicks in the paint, or gobs of dirt, but all in all iit is in very nice condition.. 

135db, should wake up the cell phone talking SUV drivers

Optional Moto Guzzi hard bags by National.

Valve Covers and rear peg braces were custom powdercoated red by dealer prior to pick-up.

Custom Chrome "Fishtail" pipes.  I left the stock muffled crossover in so they are not "too" loud.  Comes with the original pipes which have been wrapped since about new.

The question I get most from people is:  "what year is it" and when I tell them "2002" they are shocked.  Everyone other than the Guzzisti think it is an old bike.

Wish I could say that was my boat in the background.

Optional Moto Guzzi "California Touring" clear screen by National

Sidecar fender is fibreglass.

Sidecar frame and wheel are Russian "Sputnik"

This motorcycle would be great for touring, but if you plan on having a passenger in the chair on long trips you may want to consider adding leading link front end, a different, smaller tire and rim and possibly making the lean adjustable.
Located in Houlton Wisconsin USA
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07/22/06  -  Sold!

Sheldon Aubut
(715) 549-6131

Of course because this is a used vehicle I can't make any warranty or promises.  I've tried to describe the good as well as the bad to the best of my abilities.  I will accept Cash, Certified Check drawn on a U.S. or Canadian Bank in U.S. dollars, or PayPal.  Deposits can be made using your credit card or PayPal account at http/www.paypal.com if you so choose but payment must be made by Cash or Certified Check.

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