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  The Siberian Speed Team set four new land speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Class Driver Speed
MPS-PF Grant Harris 110.446
MPS-PG Aubrey Cheek 117.342
SC-PF Steve Jackson 104.686
SC-PG Fredda Cole 110.078

See photos from Bonneville

Also see more photos on Fredda Cole's Web Site

Michael Mardis captured video of Speedvision's coverage of the Siberian Speed Team.

April 1, 2001   NEW! WE DID IT AGAIN!

  Well we did it again!!!. The Siberian Speed Team has set yet another land speed record.
On Sunday, 4/1/01, running in Fuel Class with Sidecar the newly rebuilt bike turned 100.671mph.


See photos from Maxton

The bike had a lot more to give but further tuning was made impossible. The meet was closed early due to severe weather and tornado warnings.

We now have a record in Pushrod Gas, 650cc, 4 stroke with Sidecar @ 92.688mph and a record in Pushrod Fuel, 650cc, 4 stroke with sidecar @ 100.671.

There is another meet in one month and barring any disasters we will be there with improvements.


February 4, 2001     We set a land speed record at Maxton last October! Here's the certificate to prove it!


 Photos are now available of the 2000 land speed record bike preparation, and aftermath of the October fire.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Bike preparation Bike preparation Bike preparation 
Bike preparation Bike preparation engine
engine in frame Bike preparation bike after the fire
bike after the fire After the fire After the fire 
After the fire After the fire


October 12, 2000  --   An early morning fire at Cheek Cycle destroyed both land speed record bikes and equipment.

October 1, 2000  --   The bikes were taken for speed trials in Maxton, SC  Read about it here

Click thumbnail for larger image
93 mph
At Speed - 93mph
Getting ready to ride at Maxton
Ready to ride
The Pride of Maxton
The Pride of Maxton
Silver Beauty at Maxton
Silver Beauty
Through the Timing Lights at Maxton
Through the Timing Lights

September 18, 2000  --  Here are a couple of pics of Paul Pelland as he competed in the ButtLite II while carrying the banner for the Siberian Speed Team. Paul has been accepted into the Iron Butt Rally for 2001 and will be riding a Ural.  --  Steve Jackson  --   Picture 1    Picture 2

July10, 2000  --   We've made the newspapers in South Africa.  Read about it here

July 31, 2000  ---  We've even made it into the front page of the Wall Street Journal

August 4, 2000  ---  We also made Le Figaro in France

June 17, 2000

Below is a summary of our progress toward setting a Land Speed Record at the World Finals at the Bonneville Salt Flats in October 2000.

The Bike

Well, we are really moving along. We have a bike provided by Ural America/Classic Motorcycles and Sidecars. The bike is a brand new black beauty. It is already in pieces at Cheek Cycles.

We are busily making the internal modifications which are permitted under the Southern California Timing Association/Bonneville Nationals, Inc. Rules.

Aubrey Cheek has adjusted the suspension, and is working on a revision of the gearing which will allow us to reach peak speed and power at significantly lower RPM. He has cleaned out the mufflers to reduce weight and to provide us with more power.

The crank and camshaft are on the way to Jim Barnwell. Jim will get the crank ground and coordinate any other crankshaft work, and will coordinate cam modifications with Webb.

Jim Pettit should be receiving heads from Ural America in the next few days, if he doesn't already have them.

As of Friday (16 June), Ural America is also supplying a spare engine on which Sidney Pollard will be working his magic. UA has also provided the tools to do the job.

Eckhard Schultz is taking care of the oil pumps for our attempt.

The rest of the rotating assembly will be handled by Redline in Minnesota.


Fredda Cole (pilot, captain and secretary) has joined the Bonneville Nationals, Inc. (a pre-requisite to running on the salt). Aubrey Cheek (co-captain) is also in the process of joining.

Transportation for the bike from South Carolina to Bonneville has been kindly offered by Bill De L'Aune.

Rooms have been reserved in Wendover, Nevada for the support contingent and routing section.


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