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Sidney Pollard's perspective on the new 750cc engine

Russian Ignition, retro back-fit of points & Condenser by Sidney Pollard

Fourth Annual Rebel Rally

Photos from 2001 Rally

Siberian Speed Team gets National Exposure on Speedvision's American Thunder.  See the Video clip at Michael Mardis' web site

Penn State Lady Lions use Rick Bush's Ural on their poster!

Check out "Weav's Useful Information and Technical Guide to Antique Russian Motorcycles and Sidecars"

What do Tin Foil Hats have to do with Motorcycling?

So, you want to buy a Chang Jiang or Russian Federation bike?

Sidney Pollard III's Ural Trailer

Russian Folk Music - the Ural! Quadrille - 2 meg download so be prepared for long download time

Oh my, now the Siberian Speed Team has hit Le Figaro, the largest newspaper in France.

Read what the Wall Street Journal had to say about NARMA and the Siberian Speed Team in the July 31st edition

Read what Thunder Press had to say about the Y2K NARMA rally and the Siberian Speed Team.

A Russian Motorcycle at Bonneville????
Check out the Siberian Speed Team


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