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Here is a timeline for IMZ bikes:

1941 production commences of M72
1952 production of M72 at KMZ commences
1960 production commences of M61
1961 production of M61 and M72 ceases production commences of M62
1964 production of M62 ceases production commences of M63 (first swingarm frame)
1972 production of M63 ceases production commences of M66
1974 production of M66 ceases production commences of M67 (12V electrics and DLS front drum introduced)

I've got a timeline for KMZ but its a bit confusing as they had a lot of overlaps. They introduced their swingarm frame in 1964 with the K750M(?) and 12V electrics with the MT10 in 1974.

IMZ stopped making the M72 in 1961, and KMZ in 1964.

With the introduction of the M66, the sidecar boat was affixed with Rubber springs and cushions instead of the previous leaf springs.

When I've worked out which years the tanks changed, I'll let you know.
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